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$1.00 SGD

During such extraordinary period, it can be a difficult time for small businesses like us. We will still try to support our beneficiaries, despite having a tight budget.

Some of our staff are retirees and home-makers who earn some income by packing or deliver our orders. Regardless, we believe even after the worst storm, the sun will shine again.

Although we saw a dipped in sales, we would like to thank those that continue to support us, during such tough times. We totally understand for those events that is cancelled or postponed. In such time, let us all just stay safe and healthy.

If you have nothing to buy! And would like to show us some support by funding our cause and operation. You can choose this option, even is just a dollar. We sincerely appreciate your support.

We welcome your kind encouragement and let us know your birthday in the instruction section. We hope to provide you a surprise on your birthday.