Jangandfox x Earthly Bee Wax Wrap Set of 3

$18.00 SGD

“The Go Green Gang” an exciting collaboration with local artist Jang. A new member “Earthly” the turtle accompanied by Jang’s characters! Pushing the sustainable movement with The Go Green Gang! Conceptualized by the artist herself.

Our beeswax wrap is made of high quality beeswax, 100% pure cotton, organic jojoba essential oil, resin, etc. It is free of polyester, nylon, non-bleaching, 100% natural and environmentally friendly, will not bring toxic substances to food after wrapping food.

LONG-LASTING & WASHABLE - beeswax wrap is washable. you can reuse it for up to half of a year or even one year by cleaning it with water or non-irritating detergent and drying it. It is not only more environmentally friendly than ordinary plastic wrap, but also saves you money on buying plastic wrap.

ALTERNATIVE TO VARIOUS WRAPPERS - Our beeswax wrap can replace cling film, ordinary plastic bags, silicone food covers, etc. It can wrap up the cooled food and store it in the refrigerator or other shelves, which can be well preserved the shelf life and flavor of your food. Our Beewax Wraps can keep most foods fresh and delicious.

VERSATILE - organic and environmentally friendly beeswax wrap can be widely used to wrap vegetables, fruits, bread, sandwiches, cheese, and other foods. It can also be used to wrap your leftovers, lunch boxes, so you can take it to the company, perfect for picnic, camping hiking travel, beach, tour