Homemade Pineapple Tarts

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What is CNY without these balls of happiness?

We hope to bring happiness to those eating it and also bring joy to the environment. Let us share our plans.

We will be retailing these pineapple tarts with limited quantity every week as our makers can only make that much.

These are homemakers from Indonesia who are badly affected by covid19. We are helping them to sell these lovely tarts and hope to help them financially and morally.

The tarts is buttery and melt in your mouth, we specially request for bitesize to make it less guilty. Each container can fit 70 pieces. You can trust our taste because we ourselves are fanatical titbit lovers.

Creating a circular economy, we will also be collecting back the containers to reuse for a new food product that we will be launching.

Collecting orders for 2 batches which is ready on every Saturday. 30th Jan and 6 Feb, Hope to have your support.