750ml Bubble Tea Mug

$22.00 SGD

Can you love Mother Earth as much as your love for bubble tea? For Bubble tea lover and gym-goer, we have the exact right mug for you. So no excuse of using single use plastic cups anymore uh! It also comes with an EXTRA LONG BUBBLE TEA STRAW
👉750ml (The largest volume you can find in any bubble tea outlet)
👉Extra large bottle with double insulation (No wet condensation on your bottle surface)
👉An opening to fit your bubble tea straw(finally a hole
that fit).
It also comes with a blender whisk that make your shake even smoother. Save on those plastic cups everytime you ordered a bubble tea! For those with bubble tea obsession, this cup will really save many plastic cups in the trash bin. After gaining some weight from your bubble tea! Is time to hit the gym, with this mug which transform into a shaker bottle. All in one bottle.

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