Our Team

Earthly Singapore is a business that supports every bits of contributions toward environment conservation. We source for green alternatives to replace daily conventional plastic products. We kept our products compact and convenient to use. We do this through education and roadshows by encouraging individuals to reduce their plastic consumption and use our alternatives. 

Our team, lead by Ang and Salim are passionate to contribute back to communities. Our aim is to support local ground-up initiatives and help organisations that are making a difference in the community. Like minded individuals in the team continually strives to create a positive influence, which we believe "Every Bit Of Effort Matters" 

As a business, we need profit to sustain, however that is not our priority. We prioritise education and vision ourselves as pioneer of the green revolution. We are humbled to share that we had sold over 1000 reusable products. Through sustainability moving towards a gracious and green Singapore.

The profits from our products, are use to support local communities and initiatives not only for the environment but also our society.  

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